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Monday, March 10, 2008

Good Monday Morning Everyone

This morning we woke to a beautifully clear sky...and of course to us Northerners in the winter that usually means it's extra cold...but the sun seems to be in short demand this winter so today it is very welcomed, I instantly felt like running down to my studio turning on one of my beloved SKY.FM stations and getting down to business.

This week my lovely friend of almost 30 years Lisa is in town with her two boys and I'll get to spend some time with them. Also with my niece who is also on March Break. I am thinking that this week I will also drag some work over to my mom's and work on her big dining table, I do that alot in the summers, sometimes once a week but I haven't done it since I've gotten my new studio (photos to come soon). My heart is still tender from missing Noo but I think it will indeed be a good week, with lots of work getting done also.

I thought I would show you a portrait I did recently which I am really happy with. I love doing animal portraits, espeacially ones of our own furry hearts. This one is of our Ella-Luna, our gourgues 4 year old New Zealand Lop.

I also just adore re-painting, ceramics, etc...I can't help but go into a friends house and see abunch of things I'd like to get my fingers on to re-paint...not that the things look bad as they are, in my mind they'd just be fun to paint in my colours. So I do this once in awhile in our own home when I have time.

We bought this lovely wooden carving from Bali and though I loved the carving itself, I really didn't like the colour of the wood, it was too dark...

And here's what it ended up looking like after I took my acrylics to it...abit better I think, just because it actually brings the lovely carving out.

Well that's all for today...I should get back to my book illustrations. Be Well Everyone.

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Commonly Cheap said...

Stumbled in and just wanted to say hi. I like what you wrote for your description and that was an interesting way to change the carving. Keep it up.

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