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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hi Everyone,

This is my very first ever blog posting, how exciting since I've wanted to start blogging for awhile now. Bear with me as I customize the page, it needs a more 'artsy' feel I know this. I honestly did not get the point of blogs at first but now I find myself drifting to my computer early each morning, long before I am ready to work, browsing my favourites with a cup of coffee. What a great way to start my day because the blogs always leave me feeling inspired and just that much more connected to the world.

In my daily ramblings I hope to share with you some of my favourite websites and blogs as well as showing you my recent work and tidbits of my enchanted life. I will try my hardest to update at least 5 days a week, but we'll see.I am a gal who just adores letters, I mean snail mail letters...not email! but in this day and age those adored letters are quite sparse in frequency. So, I am hoping that blogging will be a lovely way to fill that gap.

I am also really hoping to get involved in the wonderful world of ATC's, this has fascinated me for some time now and I would be so excited to get involved with some for all of you into ATC's add me to you lists.

Well this is all for now. I could write on and on, as all of my friends well know, ha ha. I know every ones time is precious however so I'll keep my entries short and sweet...Thanks everyone and come back again.

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