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Friday, March 7, 2008

Missing Our Snicker-Noodle

Our sweet little Noo passed away on March 2nd after a very tough and brave battle with a very aggressive cancer. She was 6 years old but we only had her for 2, it just wasn't long enough. The night before she passed away in my arms, we watched a beautiful sunset together, during this precious time her eyes told me that she was ready to go see her partner Hobbs and her best buddy Thodan (who left us just this past November). The beauty of that sunset mixed with the beauty of her little spirit and soul was something I could almost not take in completely, that is the only way I can describe that moment. Noo was a bunny full of strength, heart,appreciation, forgiveness and sweetness. Now I could go on and on about our sweetie pie but all I'll say is that some of the best life lessons can indeed be taught by a small little rabbit. Thank you Noo for all that you gave us, you loved us so well and your with us every minute of every day.

Noo used to run around my painting room, under my easel, pulling on my pants as I worked because she always wanted snuggles. This weekend, I think I will spend some time in there and rearrange things...right now it's hard to be in that room to paint, I just end up standing still and missing and thinking about my little friend. So I thought perhaps if I switch things up abit, it'll make the room abit easier to be in. Which will be good for Hazel and Jin...Noo's sisters who miss having me in there all the time. So that shall be my weekend plan I think. I hope all of you have a great weekend. Take Care and I'll post again on Monday.

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