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Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday in the Garden/Painting Room

On this very gloomy Monday afternoon....this is what I am looking forward too. Being outside in the sunshine with Ella-Luna, Roo, Hazel and Jin. Ella and Roo adore the back deck, and our normal routine is to wake up nice and early, open the back door for them and they come in and out as they please. Often times I will bring my work out there with me and those are some of my most favourite days...just being in the yard, being creative and having the furry babes run around happily..though I often have to get up to stop them from digging to big of a hole or chomping down an entire plant!
This summer our sweetie-pies Thodan and Noo will be greatly missed. I spent many glorious days with Thodan outside in the gazebo. Here you can see him napping away on the couch out there. I just loved that...stretching out in the sun with him either stretched out around my neck or curled up in a ball on my chest...every so often he'd look up, with a little twinkle in his eye, yawn and then through himself back over...ha ha...those are wonderful memories that will always fill my heart with gladness.

Today however, it is raining with a mixture of wet snow, but I don't mind...these days are cozy to me for the jazz stations sound even better on rainy days. KPLU from the itunes radio section is growing to be one of my favourites. Today I am working away on the book illustrations, 2 finals will be done today and 2 more sketches need to be approved after that. Here is where I am spending my day and most likely much of my evening...

These photos are somewhat old but it's still basically the same....I've just added a little desk where I can work on watercolours, lino-cuts and smaller paintings. I work up here on days when I want to spend abit more face time with Hazel and Jinny. This is the room I share with is deemed 'Studio 2, the Sun Room, The Girls Room, The Painting Room, The Front Room and now the Garden Room' I find it humorous that one room can have so many designations.

I have also decided that though I will continue to make 3 mini-lino-cuts a week, I am going to post them all at the same time...either on Fridays or perhaps through a Saturday posting, we'll see what works best. Making the prints can be time consuming and it just makes better use of my time to do them all at once...less clean up etc. So I did do my Monday stamp this morning but you'll have to wait to see it.

Today as I work away at my little garden table, with Jinny constantly trying to move my boots, because she seems to think they are in her way! I am really enjoying the podcasts found at the Creative Thursday Blog...for all you artists out there I think I must deem them as a 'must check out'.

Cheers Everyone and Happy Creating. Mandy

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