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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Sketch and a Portrait

Good Morning All. It's another brilliantly blue day and only -26 I believe with the windchill. I guess I'll have to bundle up later this afternoon when I walk to the cafe for a client meeting. I am just not a morning person but I am making an effort to get into my studio abit earlier now so that I can get my blogging done.

I thought I would share a new sketch with you. This is just a quick life drawing of Hazel and Jin, sitting in their beloved house. The two are sisters (Noo's sister's) and are thick are thieves. It's been a long journey to get them to trust me, but I am slowly seeing some progress which is heart warming.

Also today, let me show you another recent portrait I did of my parents late dog Tassie. This one is done completely in pastel. She was a beautiful dog to draw.

That is all for today, short but sweet. Once again your comments are welcome. Cheers All.

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