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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Patrick Mok Teapot

I am abit perplexed as to what to post on today and the rest of the week in all honestly. I don't like to show people the sketch/linear stages of my work, although perhaps that is something I'll get used to doing. I don't want to post too many photos that are non-art related. But it takes me awhile to create a piece so I won't have new work to show as often as I'd like. Hmmm....I'll figure it out I am sure. I do know that I love the blogs where the artist/crafter shows lovely tidbits of their life/house/inspiration. Where they don't give too much personal info, because we are after all open to all prying eyes here on the web, but they still manage to show enough to give you a sense of their being and daily lives or creative spaces. I do know that I want to share an image every post...being so visually inspired, I'd like to try to pass that along. So for a lose of knowing what to write about today, I will show you one of my most favourite and cherished items...a Patrick Mok teapot.

I have admired and wanted one of mr.Mok's pieces for some time now and the last time we were at the One of a Kind Craft show in Toronto, my husband and I both fell in love with the same one, so we indulged and bought one. I believe this teapot is in a collectible series called 'Gems in the Bush'. They are functioning teapots/miniatures, but I don't think I could ever take the chance that it'd get broken during practical usage. So it's not always 2-d imagery that inspires me and cheers my heart...sometimes it's something 3 dimensional and whimsical like this teapot.

I am quite sure that Patrick Mok's enchanting work is available at the following gallery shops in Toronto, Ontario: The George R. Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art; The Guild Shop; CN Tower; and Prime Gallery.

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