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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Some Paintings

Hi Everyone, on this rather gloomy and chilly day. Thank goodness for the warmth and lovely flow of our studios/creative spaces. Today I have two of my littlest fans coming to the studio, Noah and Ben, respectively 4 and 2 I believe. Their mom sits them on her lap and shows them the pictures on my website and apparently they just love the colours and guessing the animals etc.

Yesterday morning I had a wonderful rush of ideals come to me, so I spent sometime getting them down, I think 11 in add to the large pile I can never seem to catch up with.

I thought today I would post some photos of my latest paintings.

This is "Keep Your Eye On Your Goals" from a smaller coloured pencil done years before. It is a mixed media so I still have to find the proper way to seal it. Below is a detail...

Here is "Sundance" in progress, it is by far one of my favourites...keep in mind I am quite new to painting with acrylics. It has sold and I am so happy for it because it's going to the home of a fellow rabbit lover who will defiantly appreciate the message of the painting. If you look closely at the photo you'll see my sweetie-pie Thodan running underneath he easel. He was such fun and just thought that having a 'painter/artist as a mom was the coolest thing' ha ha. And, here is the painting that I am working on right now, it has progressed alot more than shown here. Now it is almost finished, a couple more solid days on it and I'll be able to show you the final product.

Be Well, and remember the artistic impulses/juices are in us at all times....sometimes it just takes abit of digging. Happy creations to my fellow artists.

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