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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Buddha Watercolour

Good Morning Everyone. Well I think my flu is finally dissipating leaving me with just a slight migraine to deal with. Our April Fools Day brought us a flooded garage, a burnt out car headlight which you apparently can't buy anymore and Jonathan's computer deciding on top of everything else that it was a good day to die for no apparent reason! My mom always did tell me that bad luck always comes in 3's and I admit to being every so slightly superstitious and sometimes I do find myself watching for that pattern of 3 but I snap myself out of it quickly because I refuse to look into the future, espeacially my own future with any kind of negativity.

I must note here that I really want my blog to be an extension of myself, I want it to be authentic. When I am having a great day I want to post about it and when I am having not such a great day I want to share that too. Because let's face it life is difficult and not always easy and I wouldn't feel true if I put on a happy face or tone all of the time. I hope all my readers don't mind this.

For today let me share with you a watercolour of a Buddha that I've been playing with here and there on Monday and yesterday. The watercolours and mini-lino cuts that I am sharing with you aren't necessarily images that I will use in my illustration portfolios, they are really just projects for me to keep my creative spirit fully active. Sometimes it is so easy to become a slave of your industry and to just do work that you think will sell or be good for your portfolio and that is fine on some level, that is just a part of the business but I think you get more results and satisfaction when your working more from you heart and tapping into your creative well without over analyzing too much. And, since I work mostly with coloured pencil little side projects in other medium is really fun for me. A week working in some other medium and my fingers are craving to get back to my beloved coloured pencils.

I did this watercolour from a photograph I took long ago. When the ROM used to have it's free Tuesday admissions I'd go there often on my own and sketch and photograph things. I loved the oldness, the quietness and I was particularly drawn to anything Egyptian or Buddhist.

I have a somewhat busy day ahead of me so I shall say bye for now...till tomorrow. Have fun creating and thanks for reading.

1 comment:

Julie said...

I really like this piece!
you always amaze me Mandy

its funny we never ran into each other at the ROM I used to be there all the time on free days...especially the free friday nights when they had performance stuff going on