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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Custom Boxsets Available

Good Afternoon All. I think I only got 2 hours of sleep last night so I let myself sleep in this morning knowing if I didn't, I'd be completely useless and aimless all day. I get what I call 'The Nighttime Natters"...when my brain, my heart, my creative spirit is just talking to me all at once, about 10 different projects at once and I get so excited that I just can't sleep. However instead of getting up and getting to work, my stubborn side pokes its head about and says 'no stay in bed, you'll fall asleep soon and you'll be better rested to start fresh on all those things tomorrow..." Never happens that way though because soon after the nattering begins, I start to worry at the same time....did I send that email, why isn't that supplier getting back to me, should I get a new printer, when will my check come, sure that's a nice ideal but will it make money, when will I find the time to do that, etc etc...aha see everyone, creative people don't have it super easy, we have our stresses too.

Today I must get some cards prepped and sent away to a charity auction fast approaching. I must get some painting done. Linears finished off and emailed. And a painting ready for delivery to it's new home.

I thought I should mention at this point that I do offer custom box sets. Each of my box sets comes with 4 designs (12 cards and 12 colour envelopes) can choose which four designs you want in the box. There is no extra charge for the custom boxes, just allow me a few more days to make them. If you want the box to be sent to a friend or family member, I can do so also. For imagery to select from just go to my website. Soon, on the new website there will be a lovely section just for the art cards, I can't wait.

I thought I would add this older photo...I like to do little local art markets once in awhile, espeacially at Christmas time. I always enjoy meeting new people and also hanging out with all of the other vendors/artists. I always end up trading with half of the people, which is great fun.

My awesome lentil soup has been consumed, my blog updated, my recent audio book of Henry James "Portrait of a Lady" finished off, the bunnies, with a slight headache, I can get back to work.

I hope you are all well and until tomorrow...when I'll be posting this week's mini-stamps....Be Well and Creative.

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castor said...

Hello ! Sorry, my english is not very good, but I can read and see...
All your work and your blog is very nice.
Thank you for this lovely moment