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Friday, April 11, 2008

A New Illustration

Hi Everyone. Usually I don't get quite as excited for Fridays as most people do because I like working, I love what I do. But typically when my sweetie doesn't work, I don't work because we are too busy hanging out together. I do find myself on Sundays, looking forward to Mondays, instead of dreading them like most people, because if I spent the whole weekend away from my work and studio, I am just really glad to get back to it. I am sure us "Monday Lovers" are not well received by the general population, ha ha but I am not going to worry about that.

Today's post will be short and I am really looking forward to this weekend, as I am not feeling very well again. I have a case of constant nausea, chills and a steady stream of headaches. But I really wanted to show you a new illustration that I haven't shown anyone yet. It's not even scanned in yet as you can see.

I thought, 'hmmm, if I were asked to design a wedding invitation what would I come up with'. This is my 'answer' to a wedding invitation.

Now, I shall either let myself go take a neo-citran and curl up with my heating pad under my beloved duvet, and I am sure the bunnies will snuggle down close by since it's snowing one minute and pouring rain the next and they just don't know what to make of it, ha ha. Or, I am going to sit at my drawing table and work on a new illustration, under my lovely full spectrum lights...hmmm maybe I'll do both.

Be Well Everyone and have a good weekend, stay cozy and kind.

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