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Monday, April 21, 2008

Pink Jinny

Good Monday Morning Everyone. Our weekend seemed to whip by abit too quickly, but it was good. The weather was wonderful and we spent most of our time outside with the 4 bunnies. The 'cabana' and 'gazebo' are pretty much all set up now and just awaiting some plants. We even had our Sunday dinner out there which I just loved. Whiles we ate Roo was sleeping almost upside down under my chair and Ella was eating any little piece of green grass she could find.

Finally I finished the pink bunny painting. I had fun with it. My work is usually very detailed and quite abit larger but I've been wanting to do some simpler, quicker things and this was a successful attempt I think. I called it "Pink Jinny". It is painted on kiln-dried pine with acrylic and has a uv protective coat. It's only about 5"x7"x1.5". It will be available to buy through my Etsy shop in the next couple of weeks.

With the sweetness and loveliness of the weekend however came some bitterness and stress. Friday I had a scare with Jinny. I was sitting at my little garden table finishing up my pink bunny...which I had just entitled 'Jinny'. When I turned around to see Jin laying in the corner of the room with massive tremors shaking her whole body. It was a double edged sword for me, first I couldn't remember seeing these symptoms before so my mind went to the worst case scenario and 2nd, laying there sick and being Noo's sister and looking alot alike, I just had a very vivid moment that I was there again with my sweet and dying Noo. Luckily, my husband rushed home when he got my urgent message. The rabbits are as much a priority for him as for me. I do think that Jinny favors Jon over me, just alittle bit. Anyhow, it just meant the world to me that he rushed home to help me and Jin. He reminded me that we've seen this before, that it is probably cramps and gas so we hurried Hazel and Jinny outside right away and made Jinny run around. The more she ran the better she looked, the shaking stopped and after about an hour she was playing with Hazel and jumping in the air ever so slightly.

Here is a shot of Jinny sitting on the window bench in my painting room. I took it yesterday in the evening and she just looked so peaceful and I was so grateful she wasn't sick after the Friday scare.

Well, with an eventful weekend like that I am looking forward to a hopefully quieter, event free week. I have alot of sketching to get done as I am off on a 'mini vacation' soon and I must bring some work to do whiles I am away.

Be Well Everyone and Happy Creating.

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Judit Gueth said...

Oh, I love the pink bunny :-)