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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Terrific Treat & Work Wrapped Up

Hi everyone. I open up my mailbox and much to my surprise and delight is a gift left behind by my lovely new friend Maria. She knows how much I love bunnies and she knows how much I love treats in the mailbox and I just think it was utterly sweet and wonderful, Thanks Maria, I love them. I of course had to take a few photos to show you all.

Late last week, I finally wrapped up a very big project. I've had a few people asking me what I've been up to and what's taking up most of my time. Well let me show you, it was all of this...

I illustrated a 23 page book for the MNR's Foresty department. It was an exciting project and all the illustrations revolved around conservation during tree cutting. All the images had to be in grey scale and so I did them all in graphite. I'll be posting them on my new website so you can have a clear look then, as I don't think the book will be published for a few months yet. I had to collaborate with 3 authors for this project and that was interesting and challenging. I put all of the sketches and final drawings on a weight scale yesterday and they measured almost 5 pounds! We had to go through so many sketches, roughs and changes. On retrospect I loved it all, the challenging parts, the 6 or 7 changes per images, the subject matter, everything and it really just reinforced the fact that I do really want to pursue more book work. So this is what has been keeping me so busy and close to my studio since January!

I hope you are all well and already in the process of haveing a creative day. For me, a tea and book awaits me out on the back deck and than I'll spend the rest of my day transferring some images onto my new favourite Waterford Saunders paper. Happy days all.

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