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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Time Carries On WIthout You" New Illustration

Good Tuesday Everyone. I would like to share a new illustration with you today. I finished it a couple days ago...this is just a digital photo, it'll be scanned in and viewed more nicely through my website at a later point. It is called "Time Carries On Without You" and as before, I'll leave my story out of it and let you bring your own to it.

Here is a detail...
If it moves you enough to leave a comment or send an email that would be wonderful. If not I hope it atleast inspires.

I am happy that has approved my blog for inclusion at their site.

Well, my tea and oatmeal await and I have some bunnies to snuggle before I get to work in my studio for the day. Thanks Everyone and have a great day.

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