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Friday, April 18, 2008

Where I am Going to be Today

Good Friday Everyone. I don't have any artwork to show you today, but I thought I'd give you a visual of where I will be working today, I am still working on the pink bunny I mentioned the other day. I thought I'd get it done yesterday but I got sidetracked by the gourgues weather and the furry babies wanting to be outside all afternoon...I gladly complied. I admit to being completely wrapped around their little furry paws. I love my little white garden table in the sunny front room, it feels cozy to sit there in the sunlight, working away whiles the world outside goes by and Hazel and Jin do their own thing. I am still doing the mini lino-cuts, I just haven't gotten around to actually printing any of them yet, but I cut all of them here at this little garden table. I have alot of work I want to get done this weekend. I am in the sketching mode so expect a few new illustrations to come soon. I am also trying figure out how I could do some 'daily' works, what size should I work in, in what medium etc. I am not very talkative today, so I shall get back upstairs for abit of yoga, my spice tea and than I'll get down to work. Especially since I have to wrap things up early to go out and buy a present, my sweet little niece is turning 6...time goes so quickly. I often feel like I am in a race against time to get all of my ideals out for everyone to see, with that said...Until Monday bye for now.

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