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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another Great Mail Day

Getting treats and letters in the mail is one of life's pleasures for me. Things arriving in my mailbox are like delicious little visits from beloved & missed friends. I remember when I was a teenager, my goodness I had so many pen pals, I would get a letter almost everyday of the week it seemed. But as I got older those pen pals dwindled off, as people got busier with their own lives the letters stopped coming. I never quite got over that, having lots of mail I mean, I still run to the mailbox everyday in hopes that there is a treat there awaiting me. So last Friday when I got Maria's sweet letter I was thrilled and I had the pleasure of being surprised and utterly thrilled again this Monday afternoon when I received a package with this adorable little critter inside. My sweet-as-can-be hubby bought me this necklace from "Motley Mutton & Gangly Goats", hand-made felt work by Nancy Bevins. I am so enchanted by her work and anxiously awaiting for her to make some more of her wonderful felt rabbits. Check out her shop on Etsy, her creations will surely bring a smile to your face, as my Jonathan always brings a smile to my face (as all your surprises, it's so sweet and wonderful, thanks baby). And Thanks for the speedy delivery Nancy, I love my sweet little possum.

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