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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another New Favourite Thing & An Awesome Website

Hi Everyone, I must share two things with you today. First, another product that we happily purchased at the Ten Thousand Villages store in Toronto.

This soap is just gourgues. Now I admit to quite often being 'suckered' in by packaging. I sometimes even buy books just for the cover art. Who can resist these soaps...the drawings on the boxes are so lovely, so organic, fun and whimsical but also the boxes are so tactile and touchable. They are made from a beautifully soft handmade paper. These vegetable soaps are only $4-$6 each and we couldn't resist buying the 'coconut', "Apricot' and 'Green Apple' scents. Besides getting a beautiful product for a good price, the purchase also provides artisans of the Palam Rural Centre with adequate housing, water, medical assistance and education funds for their children...the wonders of simple bars of soap. I mean, really what would you rather, some cheap mass-produced, animal-tested bar of soap from a faceless monster like Wal-mart....or something handmade, something beautiful, something to make you feel better by giving back to the makers who need some help....something with abit of soul...for us the choice is clear and so much more enjoyable.

Now for a new website find; Charming Wall. Not to steer you away from buying my 'oh so lovely and wonderful and whimsical work" ha ha, but I just loved this site when I saw it and wanted to share it with you. I just love the design of the website, it's so much fun. Once your done browsing there...please do come back to me, for my new website will be ready to launch soon.

I am off to get some work done...Happy Creating.

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Lisa said...

Mandy I just wanted you to know that I love ready your blogs :)