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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Everything's Going to be Okay"

Good Tuesday Everyone,

Here is a new image...a whimsical and unearthly blue bird flying amongst the stars. This illustration was done to be inspirational but also at the same time it is meant to be grounding, as I am hoping the bird looks and gives the viewer a feeling of relaxation...that everything will be 'okay'.

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I love this piece because 'everything is going to be okay' was exactly the mantra I had to repeat to myself the days after I finished it. Here's a question, I don't want answered but that I still want to throw out into the void...can art actually sometimes foretell the future? Anyhow, here's what happened; I was having a wonderful time in Toronto at Judit & Ed's place. I was suppose to be home on a Tuesday but things happened causing my ride to be unable to come pick me up on the scheduled day, so we all decided that I would stay another week on top of the initial week. I finished this illustration on a Tuesday and Wednesday at 6am, I got a call from home saying Ella Luna was very sick and it was strongly suggested that I get home as soon as I could. The bus and train weren't an option because they took 6-8 hours to arrive at home and neither left till at least 9:30am. So I did what I originally thought was the unthinkable..I rented a car and drove myself, ha ha. Now I know this doesn't sound like a big deal to most people, but for me, it was a massive thing....a big fear overcome and conquered. Despite the fact that I lived in Toronto for 5 years and drive quite alot....I've never had the nerve to drive in Toronto on my own. I always needed that expert beside me telling me which lane to get into, and which exit to take etc etc. But when push came to shove, I had to get home to my Ella Luna and I just did it, in 3 hours I must add, ha ha. The whole time...being terrified of being in the car in the middle of Toronto and the expressway all on my own...being terrified that Ella wouldn't be able to hold on till I got home...I kept telling myself 'Everything is going to be okay"...and it was:D I got home safe and sound with renewed confidence in my strength and abilities and our beautiful Ella Luna has fully recovered.

Life is just so much more fulfilling and amazing when we can move freely through it...and when you reach that fear that is blocking your way, if you really must bust through it, have the belief in yourself that you will. I think that most of us are alot stronger than we give ourselves credit for. I love the saying "A woman is like a tea bag, she never knows how strong she is, till she's put in hot water".

Till tomorrow, be well everyone and happy creating.

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