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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Favourite New Thing...Maroma Incense

I wanted to share with you one of my favourite new finds, Maroma Incense Sticks. Last week whiles in Toronto, we ventured into a Store Called "Noah's Natural Foods" and I just fell in love with this place...there were so many goodies and I think it's a place we will frequent whenever we are in the Toronto area. We treated ourselves to several packs of the Maroma Incense and they are defiantly a superior stick. When burning they actually smell like the scents they are suppose to smell like, not just smoke like many sticks do. These are made with 100% pure essential oils, the makers are mostly women (no child labour) from local villages along the Coromandel Coast near Pondicherry, South India. 45% of the Maroma's net profits are turned back over to the development of the makers and surrounding villages. This line was started in 1977 and what has me so enchanted with this fair trade product, besides the lovely scents, is the packaging. Each package is hand silk screened on handmade paper. And on top of that, the paper they use is from cotton yarn, so trees are being saves. Way to go Maroma, yay!

I am just so happy with the growing interest in organic, fair trade, handmade etc items, it's inspiring and sheds light on a population of people moving towards a brighter, more artistic, more soulful, more healthful and more caring future.

Today as I work away on a new image, in my beloved studio, I'll have my favourite Seattle Jazz station playing, I'll hear the rabbits upstairs running around upstairs on our old creaky wood floor, and I'll be filling my room with the smell of Lavender/Orange Marmoa my new edition of "Cloth, Paper Scissors" has arrived...oh happy day. Till Tomorrow Be Well.

1 comment:

Julie said...

I used to live right by the Noahs on Bloor it!

they have all kinds of vegan baked goods which I can blame for my extra lbs