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Friday, May 9, 2008

A Good Mail Day & An Old Illustration

Good Friday Everyone. I am busy working on some larger pieces, so I don't have any new imagery to show you, hopefully this coming week. Because I work on alot of different things, I am honestly questioning how feasible a 'daily' painting would actually be for me. I've tryed a few, but even still I think they are too complex to keep up on a daily basis...but I'll keep trying. I have a few product ideal on the go also and though it is nothing that I can share with you right now, I'll just say that I am super excited to have gotten a big slab of beautiful I just have to find someone with a kiln! and set up my sewing more hints, ha ha. Honestly at the moment, despite all the recent travelling and stress with Ella-Luna, I feel myself bubbling over with excitement over new ideas, not just for illustrations but for various hand-made products featuring my illustrations

In the meantime, let me show you an older image of mine, but one that I still really like. This one was done in 1997, while I was in college. It's done in pastel with coloured pencil and speaks of a something that is never far from my mind or heart...the seal hunt.

In 2007, over 215,000 harp seals were slaughtered for their fur. The Canadian government simply refuses to end this agonizing and sick practice, so it's up to us animal lovers to stand up again and again and keep fighting to protect those who can't protect themselves. We give money every year to the seal hunt protests and I strongly urge all animal lovers to follow suit. Those of us who aren't strong enough to stand on the front lines, can still help alot but donating, because the protests take alot of money. If the protesting stops, the light won't be shed on this matter...we must continually make the government and people aware that it's cruel and unnecessary and putting our beloved country in a very poor light. After all "The greatness of a country is reflected in how it treats it's animals". Visit

I plan some new illustrations on this topic, which I am hoping to send to the seal hunt protest organizations to use for free.

On to something lighter...Today was a great mail day. I just love getting mail, buying stickers and paper and stationary etc really is one of my pleasures. With email however, my mailbox treats have dwindled. I am past complaining about it though, now I just really really enjoy it when I do get a treat by snail mail. Today I got a letter from my oldest friend Lisa...she sent me this cute 'yogi' card and her two sweet boys Noah and Ben made me some sun catchers...shaped like bunnies of course, ha ha. I just love them...thanks boys and thanks Lisa

Well, that's all for this week. Until Monday, be well...breath....and simply 'be'.

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