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Monday, May 26, 2008

A Good Mail Day

Good Monday Morning, it's a gloomy and wet day here today but that's not dampening my attitude towards work today. I plan to get alot done on my newest image "Miss Penelope Posy" and she's so sweet, I can't help but smile as I work on this image. If I get it done today, I will add another post because I am excited to share her with everyone.

This weekend was an excellent one. I planned to get alot of drawing done but in reality the weather was beautiful for a change so we were beckoned outside for the whole weekend. Ella and Roo enjoyed the yard and ate lots of grass, whiles Hazel & Jin enjoyed the back deck with their hand-picked and express delivered grass, ha ha. Flowers were planted, new garden tool purchased, dandelions picked, grass mowed, composter set up, etc...It was one of those wonderful first days of summer when you come inside and your body is just exhausted, your hands hurt and your legs ache but it feels great because you know you accomplished something and that your yard looks that much nicer and is that much more enjoyable. I also spent some time curled up on the front porch with my current read "Maid Marian" and had the pleasure of watching a zealous robin bathe in the bird bath, I just loved that. So overall a great weekend.

Last Friday was a great mail day. My lovely friend Maria sent me this beautiful card (above). I don't know where she finds these rabbit-filled cards but I adore them. She also included some photos of her with her old rabbit name 'Bunny'. I just loved seeing these photos, I loved putting a face to the name of this furry heart and I was touched to share these memories with her. I feel so thankful for the friendships I have, the strong women that surround me make my days so much better and blessed.
Well, I am off to fulfill some orders, respond to emails and get to work on Penelope, but first a tea and bowl of oatmeal with Hazel & Jin await me upstairs. Until Tomorrow be well and happy creating.

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A Fanciful Twist said...

Your creations are AMAZING!!!!!! So beautiful!!