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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Mini Lino Cut "P.S. I Love You" & Phantom Pregnancy Again!

Something new and simple to show you today. A new mini lino-cut printed on handmade paper, with abit of white coloured pencil added and some thread stitching up the two sides. The scan doesn't do it justice somehow, but I am very happy with the original, it already has a home in a frame in our dining room. The message is a personal one, as simple as the image is, it does have will act as a reminder to me...but I want you to see your own story in it so that's all I will say.

Okay Okay, ha ha...I have not kept up with my 3 new mini lino-cuts per week. Mainly because well other creative things have side tracked me and in my mind, as long as I am being creative I am letting myself off the hook. And because my lino supplies are quite low and I've heard that you can't buy the same stuff anymore, yikes!

Our fuzzy sweet Ella-Luna has 'phantom pregnancy' again. This is the 10th or 12th time. Yesterday afternoon, I dragged some supplies and fresh mini canvasses outside but instead of getting much work done, I ended up chasing Ella around to stop her from pulling all of her belly fur out! You see female bunnies, usually twice a year suffer from what is called 'phantom pregnancy', this is when they think they are pregnant but aren't. During this twice yearly occurance our Ella Luna pulls out (herself) all of the fur off her belly and she gathers this in some dark and protected corner of the house...why does she pull her fur out you may is so so sweet actually, she is building a nest for her 'phantom babies', so they'll be nice and warm when they are born! I know it sounds weird, it is kind of weird, the first time it happened I freaked out and ended up calling Jonathan home from work ha ha. Because all you see is this tuft of hair hanging out of her mouth, but then you notice she's running all over the house (or in yesterday's case, the yard) to find the perfect nesting spot. The first time, I caught her and plopped her on the bed, then proceeded to get the hair out of her mouth, but much to my horror the hair kept coming and coming and a magician's scarf, it's very surreal. We've finally learnt that she pulls out alittle less hair, if we collect it for her and put it in her chosen spot. Usually if we throw old dishtowels or bits of cloth and clothes on the floor, she'll collect these too and bring them into the 'nest'. In the summers, like yesterday and today, she'll run around the yard collecting all of the long grass, until she has this huge mouth full and she bounds over to her burrow and puts it all in there. It is quite the spectacle and part of her magic but also with it comes abit of worry about hair balls of course, so over the next week we'll be giving her fresh pineapple juice to help smooth and pass any hair balls inside her precious tummy. Oh Our Ella-Luna, you do keep us on our feet sweet one, ha ha.

And with that rabbit story told, I shall say 'until tomorrow blogging friends, Happy Creating & Be Well'. Please feel free to leave comments on any of my posts, I love to hear from the people reading my blog.

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