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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stickers Made By Yours Truly

Well, I got side-tracked from 'Miss Penelope' and a couple other illustrations I have going and ended up making some stickers, which I've been meaning to do for quite some time now. I made them to adorn some of my packaged orders going out in the mail this week, but now I am wondering if packs of them might do well in my Etsy shop, what do you all think? Anyhow, they were fun and relaxing to make and I've already packaged some up for a few friends.

Yesterday, I had a quick tea with my friend Becca and she adored the stickers. She sponsors a beautiful little girl out in Africa and she is going to send a set of the stickers to her and I just love that ideal. My friend Becca is opening up her own organic bistro to all my local readers out there, watch out for it, the place is going to be hopping cool and 'the place to be'. We went to look at a potential location together before our tea and I am so very excited for her. Becca is a wonderful example of a woman taking charge of her future and dreams and I really admire that. Becca, if your reading this today I am so proud of you my kindred friend.

And with that I am off to get some work done or try to at least! Last night I had a creative/happiness rush. You know when you just feel really happy about everything and you get excited and then you think about your art and suddenly the world feels open with tons of possibilities and you feel like your doing exactly what your suppose to be doing and then you want to jump out of bed to get to work on a hundred things at once, but you tell yourself to stay in bed, to go to sleep so you can wake up really early and get to work then with a better schedule but really your still so hyper that you don't get to sleep at all cause your mind and heart is still reeling about wondrously. But then you fall asleep, getting only about an hours worth of rest and when you wake up feeling like your dragging your legs around and you wonder where all the energy and spunk went, ha ha I am having one of those mornings. So I gotta go find my 'spunk' and wake up abit more, I think a bunny snuggle will help, until tomorrow Happy Creating and Be Well.


Lisa said...

You should put your stickers on Etsy. They must of been so fun to make :)
Miss you :D

Julie said...

If I still had a sticker book I would want your stickers in it!
do kids still have sticker books?

and I love the idea of a Bistro in the bay! We need more good food