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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Happy Birthday Wish and My New Toy

Firstly today, I am wishing my little buddy Noah, a big Happy Birthday today. Noah is the wonderful and cute-as-pie son of my oldest friend Lisa (who just celebrated her b-day on Monday) and I know he relates me to rabbits quite often so today, I picked this older illustration of mine to share with all of you and to wish Noah a wonderful 5th Birthday. I wish I could be there to celebrate with you little one but some presents are on their way.

So, I got a wonderful new toy. I wasn't going to share my joy of it with anyone because well in the last year I've been 'punished' for my good fortune, nice life and the fact that Jon likes to spoil me and the bunnies! But I realized that hiding my good fortune, innate cheer and luck did me no good either and if people don't like it or aren't happy for me then they really aren't my friends than are they! So with that said a couple weeks ago, Jonathan and I treated ourselves to a new toy, a Sony Alpha slr camera and I just adore it. I seem to be dragging it with me everywhere despite it's weight and it serendipitously fits perfectly in my lovely new Kimono bag, ha ha. Today, I thought I would just share some of my new favourite photos.

I wasn't going to post this one, but my best friend Judit, seems to really love it so I am posting it for her and to show off the cute knitted hat my mom made me awhile back (Judit has the matching one of course).

This little butterfly was so funny. Whenever I got to close he would crawl upside down on the under side of the leaf to hid his beautiful pattern but I finally got a decent shot.

I grew up surrounded by raccoons and I still love them so when I saw the opportunity to snap this close up I took it. He kept laying down on the deck but every time I'd open the door to get my picture he thought I'd have food for him and he'd jump up, ha ha.

And of course here is our handsome and majestic Roo.

So with this new toy finally exposed, I shall be slightly nervous of my honesty in sharing it's delight but I will hold fast to the positive fact that my real friends won't give a damn. Hope your all well and until tomorrow...Happy Creating...or photographing.

p.s. My best friend Judit has just passed along this lovely interview she did for The Organic Mechanic blog. Read the article here. Congrats Judit, it's a very good article.

1 comment:

Judit Gueth said...

Hi Mandy,

Thanks for sharing the pictures! I love the butterfly picture too, and the one with the raccoon is adorable. You always feel truly special, when you're able to get so close to these animals.
Thanks for posting a link to the interview! :-)