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Monday, June 9, 2008

I am just fine and an old image "African Tea"

Good Monday Evening Everyone. I wasn't going to post today because I didn't get my painting finished and I really really wanted to keep this blog for new imagery only, but I have been assured by many friends that old images would be welcomed and embraced by my viewers and readers as well. So once in awhile, when I really have to I'll post one of my favourite older illustrations, like tonight. I've had a few friends ask if I was okay, because I missed my blog post on Friday as well and I just want to assure everyone that I am fine, thanks for worrying though. Friday I have no excuse but I was mostly stuck in bed with a really bad migraine, the temperatures reached almost +40 with the humidity and that didn't help matters.

We had an excellent weekend though. On Saturday we went for a beautiful bike ride with our friends Becca and Darren, we biked to Callander, back and forth was probably about a 40km run. We stopped at the beach for a waterside picnic which was a hit with everyone, we filled our tummies nicely and our hearts with good chuckles and friendship, I know that sounds cheesy but it was really just a lovely time. We then proceeded to the Callander gallery/museum to take in a retrospective by our dear and beloved friend Arlington Hoffman. (I've asked Arlie for some jpegs, so I can hopefully blog about the work we saw there soon). Despite the fabulous day, we all got pretty sun burnt and I found myself suffering that evening with badly burnt knees and all day Sunday I had a case of heat stroke, it was all worth it though, ha ha.

We've also be abit sidetracked with our sweet velveteen bunny Hazel. Even when it's tiny things we get stressed out. Somehow she hurt her right front foot and wouldn't walk on it for a couple days so we've just been diligently watching her and trying to decide whether x-rays are needed or not. But as I spent a few hours painting upstairs today, I was able to watch her very closely and I was able to determine that she doesn't need a vet visit, she just needs to keep off it and relax abit.

This older illustration is one that I conjured up after drinking a rich, earthy roosibos tea. It gave me flickers of an African scene so that's why it's called "African Tea". I choose this image to share today because I am thinking of my beautiful and greatly missed dear friend Vicki, who lives in Victoria, who was born and raised in Africa and who still greatly carries with her that lands beautiful spirit.

Anyhow, dear friends, that is about all for today. I promise a new image tomorrow...promise, promise, promise! Good night, sleep well and lovely dreams to you all.

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