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Friday, June 20, 2008

A New Painting, Some Cute Rabbit and Thanks

Hi Everyone, well usually I don't look forward to Fridays quite as much as everyone else, I think that it's because I love what I do all week long, but I do look forward to them in the sense that I get to have Jonathan home and it usually means more time to play around the house and to spend with the rabbits outside, making them happy which makes us happier. Anyhow, the last few days I've not felt too great, I think I am coming down with a flu or cold, so today I made sure to get the painting ready so I could show everyone, but once I am done with this blog post, I think I may just take the rest of the day off and either take a much needed nap (I think the constant headaches are wearing on me now) or I might drive over for a visit with my mom. Anyhow, what I am trying to say at length just now is "Thank Goodness it's Friday" ha ha!

So anyhow, here is the new painting for today...

It is a painted version of a coloured pencil I did awhile back, but I liked the composition/shapes and I already had it drawn out on the wood so I proceeded to do the image again and I am glad I did because I really like the acrylic version alot more, it seems softer to me but with more depth. I am really enjoying all the painting I've been doing and I am feeling anxious to get back to the large paintings again. Actually next week I plan a semi-large one which I am excited about, my only hint is that it'll include a sandpiper.

Today, I also really wanted to share these two photos. There I was just painting away when I turned around and found Hazel all stretched out on the bottom shelf, ha ha. She looked too cute and luckily I was able to get to the camera without disturbing her. I cleaned that shelf off a couple days ago, thinking 'mmm, I bet the girls would like to sit on there' but I was just guessing that they would and I can't put anything too important within their little teeth's range! So I left it empty...and Iam so glad I did because it seems to be a favourite spot now, when they aren't under my chair trying to move my feet!, on the window bench or out on the kitchen porch...

I am happy that 'Blog Catalog' has accepted my blog onto their listings, I am hoping this will help to increase traffic.

I also really wanted to send a heartfelt thanks to Naomi and to Maia, two new readers, who sent me such beautiful messages through the Etsy shop yesterday. Girls, I so so appreciated your words, you really made my day.

And with all that said, I shall proceed to enjoy this Friday afternoon 'off'...the sun is actually trying to peek out now, thank goodness for the rabbits are starting to revolt...they need nice weather so they can go outside in the grass and stretch their legs, especially our Ella-Luna, boy oh boy she's been a handful this week, but I guess we really wouldn't want her to be any other way. Be Well everyone, have an excellent weekend and see you Monday.

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