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Monday, June 2, 2008

"Sundance" has gone to it's new home

Hi Everyone, it's finally a nice and sunny summer day here in The Bay, after a weekend of thunderstorms and rain, it is quite welcome as our gardens and yard are screaming for some attention. I just realized that I never showed you all my finished 'Sundance" painting, admittedly one of my most favourite paintings yet. It is sold, which is a wonderful thing of course, I am so very very happy for the sale, but that didn't make it any easier when it came time to deliver it to it's new home this past weekend, ha ha. It struck me again, very vividly, of how much I do put of myself into each painting. As I drove away, it felt like there was a ribbon attached from the painting to me and as I drove farther away that ribbon tugged quite abit, the sense of leaving something important behind was quite strong. But I must say however that it's gone to the best home and I am so very pleased with who 'adopted' it. And it's a new day, a new start and I am over it, ha I am just happy that it'll bring the purchaser as much joy as I had in making it...on to the next painting, but first my neglected studio needs some attention, cleaning and re-orging. Have a great day everyone, until tomorrow.

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