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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beautiful Banner & Holidays

Well, the wondrous talents of my honey never cease to amaze me. The other day, before my 24 hours on the Etsy showcase, I mumbled to Jon in passing "I think I need a new banner for the shop...". And so we went about our day and evening and before I knew it Jonathan had created this lovely new banner for me. After I finished "ohhh-ing" I started to laugh, because I noticed that he had taken my little crayola person on the left and put "Bijou" on the box.

My Jonathan is so talented and though he has a full-time and busy job, when he comes home, he likes to get creative also. As you can see from the banner, he's a whiz on the computer and once in awhile he'll make these hilarious photo is one of my all time favourites, where he turned my niece Karly into one of her favourite characters, Shrek...

Work on the new website has halted for the time being...summer projects seem much more enjoyable at the time and the design and all the elements I want added to the new website means a complete re-due and means alot of work for both of we'll pick it back up soon I am sure, but right now bringing the bunnies outside to play and building a custom b-b-cue seems much more fun, ha ha.

3 new prints have been added at the shop today..."Like a Fish in a Pond where you Don't Belong", "Out of Despair" and "Horse Bookplate". You can see them quickly by glancing at the right hand side Etsy shop showcase.

I am so so excited because we bought two prints last night, featuring rabbits of course! And today they are being signed, packaged up and shipped and I am just so excited at the ideal of these two little gems making their way to our cozy little home. I'll share them with you as soon as they arrive.

I also need to let you all know that our summer holidays have arrived. Starting next Monday and into September Jonathan and I are taking 4 day weekends and only working 3 day weeks. Which means that most likely my blog posts will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. I hope you tune in still, I really think this schedule will mean that I'll have more new work to share on a more consistent basis.

Be Well and until Tuesday!.....unless I get something done this weekend that I just can't wait to share with you on Monday. Love Mandy.

1 comment: said...

I just love your work!! And that new banner is so beautiful!!