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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In Memorial of my Grandpa

Today I am sad. My dear grandpa passed away yesterday and my heart is sad for the lose of him, but even more sad for my dad and all my grandparents children. So in honour of my wonderful, and beloved and creative and talented grandfather, I will share two pictures today.

My most favourite illustration I've done yet and one which holds very special meaning to me and one which I will never put up for sale because it has so much personal meaning, 'Every Beginning has an Ending, But Every Ending is But a Beginning..."

and last but not least, a picture designed, made and framed by my grandpa which I am so so so blessed to have and which we proudly display in our home...

My grandpa was a very talented guy. He made all kinds of beautiful things and grandpa if your out there listening...I will promise to proudly carry on the Saile's talented and creative line. I have other beautiful things that my grandpa sent home with my dad for me, but I have the need to keep them private and secret right now. My dear grandpa lived an exuberant and creative life and I just hope that I can continue to make him and my dad proud.

Thanks everyone, I am going to go now...until tomorrow when I should have a new piece to share with you all. Take Care of one another and love strongly.

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