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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A New Painting, Etsy Showcase, A Realization and A Froggie

I had so much fun making today's painting which I have called "Mr. Fairweather". But before he transformed into the rest of the painting, he wanted to have a visit with his brothers, Bali and Tigger (Tigger is seen here in this photo with Mr. Fairweather).

The painting is 10" x 10" on canvas made with acrylic, collage & coloured pencil and it is indeed for sale. I will be putting the original and a print into the shop sometime next week.

I did this image today to celebrate my fish. Last night I spent about 3 hour cleaning out their tank and moving it to a better location and I reminded myself to do so quickly and gently as possible because Tigger and Bali are after all a great 8 years old. They are fancy tailed goldfish which is a species of fish that dates back to the Ming Dynasty. Goldfish were one of the first fish species to be domesticated. Back then goldfish were revered and were not kept in small tanks but in large ponds, they were only brought into smaller tanks when company was expected, so that guests could see the fish better, but soon after the guests would leave, the fish would go back into their large ponds. In 1162, people who were not royalty were forbidden to have the gold and yellow goldfish varieties because yellow of course was the colour reserved only for the royal families. I love having goldfish, they are so beautiful and calming to watch and mine are quite friendly with me. I hope you enjoy my "Mr. Fairweather" ?.

Also for today...

I was happy to see my work in the Etsy Art Showcase, I think the colours in that particular image really pop amongst the didn't boost my shop viewership quite as much as I was hoping for, but I'll try again soon.

I've spent alot of time over the last week, tidying up my studio...making it feel more 'like me' meaning cute little beings hanging from the ceiling, twinkle lights hung, etc. I just adore my studio. Whiles doing this I realized something...a shift in my work ethic. Before, I would struggle to find time to create, something always seemed to come first, be it the rabbits (well okay the rabbits still come first but I am much better at juggling the two), the dishes etc. But now and I'd say for the last year, I don't feel like I need to find time anymore because without my realizing it, my work and all my creations have shifted to the front burner, as they should be and that feels really wonderful. I get up in the mornings and I just assume that my day will be filled with some kind of creative venture and some bunny snuggles added for good measure and I just feel really lucky for that, to be able to lead a fully artistic life. Now, the house stays messy until I am done whatever creation I am working on and I am finally learning that I don't need to make excuses for the mess, because I am an artist and it's an artist's house, it's a house full of happiness, books, music, bunnies, love and lots of art making...I just love that. To my Jonathan...your little artist Bijou wouldn't change a thing...except perhaps to add a skinny pig to the mixture of joy, ha ha.

My good friend Maria is so silly and sweet. Yesterday evening, when Jon got home from work, I was downstairs finishing up Miss Penelope and he came downstairs with a pretty pink bag in his hands saying 'I don't know who it's from', well my first guess was my Maria and I was right...she snuck over in the afternoon and left this parcel for me at the door...inside was a card with a silly little poem that only Maria could come up with, and this cute little froggie...I think it's for candles because the back opens up but I think he'll just keep me company on my studio worktable for awhile...though he's not the chattiest of fellows, ha ha. Thanks Maria it really made my day and I think has already prompted the beginnings of a story.

Now, I am off to make a pot of soup, since I am apparently a soup monster. Till tomorrow, Be Well Everyone and Happy Creating and Simple Joyful Being wished to you.

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amy said...

Love the new fishy! He is so cool. I like that you are all for a bit of a messy house while you are creating. I started realizing that's just not the first priority awhile ago even though I am not an artist. I think creating things and having a good life is more important!