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Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Painting "Stick In There" and Goodies

Hi Everyone and I hope your all having a Happy Thursday. My day was good and very productive making it an even better day (I was going to say an even 'gooder' day, ha ha!).

I have some paper samples coming and soon after I pick a new paper, I'll be offering my lovely art cards with a more earth friendly twist...the cellophane wrappers will only be used until I run out and then the cards will come packaged with raffia, which is biodegradable and a natural substance, so I am excited to make this switch in my cards. The paper will be 100 pound instead of 140 but the paper will also be 100% recycled and with the 30% post consumer re-cycled envelopes I think it's worth the slight change.

After a good pep talk with my best friend this afternoon, I thought today's painting was even more appropriate to share with you all...I just finished it 5 minutes ago so it hasn't even gotten it's top coating but I'll share it anyhow...

The title of this one is "Stick in There" and it is acrylic and coloured pencil on wood and measures about 5 x 8". I'll let you know when and where the original will be up for sale, which will be soon.

Also today I was excited to receive my order of lovely organza bags in the mail. I can show you them and their lovely assortment of colour but I can't yet give up what will be filling them...soon, I promise.

I just find the colours delicious. I am going to store them away with either fresh lavender from our garden or with my favourite scent of incense stick, so when they are sent or used they will smell wonderful as well as look wonderful.

I feel so hyper right now...aside from purchasing much needed art supplies this afternoon (and yes despite the price I always find getting new supplies a big treat). We had stopped into our local pet store to get our usual rabbit litter material (recycled and biodegradable I must add!) only to discover that the store had gotten a 'store pet' which is a beautiful and adorable and soft as can be, black and white spotted lop bunny named 'Jax'...oh I had to strongly resist the urge to run away with him, ha ha. But I got to hug him and give him a hundred kisses and now I know we have another little bunny which we must get special xmas presents for, ha ha. I just love seeing other people's bunnies when I know they are well cared for and well loved, it makes the urge to steal them abit less! Anyhow...he re-awakened my love for rabbits and that is why I feel hyper.

And now...with a throbbing migraine, I am going to go sit with my ice pack, a coffee and an episode of the Cosby's. We are into our long weekend again, so unless I get the urge to share something over the weekend, I'll see you here again next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday...Be Well Everyone and Be Extra Kind to Bunnies.

p.s. A few new prints have been added into the shop.

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Sarah Ogren said...

Beautiful frog painting!