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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

An Old Illustration to share with you

Hi Everyone, today was so lovely and I was reminded of an important and old adage "Seize The Day". The skies were quite stormy looking but it was still a beautiful day with many flowers blooming and birds chirping, the sound of the pond and a gentle wind rustling all the trees. I almost didn't go outside but I thought, today is the perfect weather for myself and the rabbits, not to hot, not to cold with wind to keep the mosquitoes away. So, instead of staying inside from worry that it would rain any minute, I hustled all four rabbits outside, including myself and my coloured pencils and we just had a glorious afternoon working away and playing outside. Hazel was so sweet and kept falling asleep with her little nose twitching away in the air only to be woken by the cawing crows, then she'd fall asleep again as soon as she heard my assuring "Hazel, it's fine, your too big for them to steal" ha ha. So yes, I was reminded that you should just not worry and do things anyways because the outcome may be wonderful or at least something to learn from...and in my case today, a perfect working day surrounding by happy bunnies and not a drop of rain.

So anyhow, I can go on and on can't I, even about the simplest things! I hoped to have new imagery to show you today but I just don't, everything I am working on currently takes longer than 1 or 2 days and a couple of the images are a surprise which I can't share with you all quite yet. So as I am still in the mode of Saturday's tea party, I have selected this older illustration of mine to share with you today. It is full of whimsy, fairies, mother nature and living trees, I hope you like it. I did this image long ago as a cover ideal for "Emily of New Moon", because I grew up just adoring all of L.M. Montgomery's fictional works. This one is done in pastel with coloured pencil on canvas. I am really hoping that tomorrow I'll finally be able to introduce a new friend.


shiborigirl said...

Hi Mandy (I was part of the tea party last weekend),

Your description of your day sounds idyllic! a few rabbits, some colored pencils and a beautiful day sounds like perfection. I hope you are happy with your drawings.

I took a peek through recent posts this weekend, and I think your illustrations are enchanting. I'm planning to come back and browse some more later.



Maria said...

Your art is just GORGEOUS!