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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Some Prints and Miss Penelope Posy

I couldn't help it, my head got too sore yesterday to finish off my post. The day was so humid, I had a hard time lighting matches! And today is no better, it's still super humid, so I had to drag the dehumidifier into my studio as I notice the floor is slightly moist and all my art books are starting to curl which is making me very paranoid about my paper stock etc...yikes! I have to admit that I don't do well with extreme heat or humidity...especially when I have a headache or migraine. But, luckily, even on a days like this, where my nerves were abit fried and I felt abit grouchy I can still realize how lucky I am. Why do I consider myself lucky you may ask? because I have a great studio in the basement of our house where it's naturally cooler and just to ensure that I could really cool down, when we were preparing the room last fall, we installed two super duper ceiling fans, which I am defiantly enjoying this week for sure.

Some prints have been released over at the shop...have a look and I hope you fall in love with one so much that you just gotta get it, ha ha. Please do note that the prints below are in glass clip frames and in the shop they come unframed otherwise the shipping would be too unreasonable.

Please also keep in mind that if you fall in love with one of my images, whether it being one you see here on the blog, or on my may not be able to afford the originals but lovely high-quality prints are always available for pretty much 99% of my imagery and I guarantee that they look fantastic in frames and hung on pretty much any wall of your home or office.

Also today, my Miss Penelope Posy has finally decided to poke her cute little face out to meet you all. Now, all I can tell you for today is her name, because I don't' want to give my story away until the book is all completed. I've been looking at all the characters I've created in my mind and jotted down on paper and I am simply not sure which one to star in my first book...I thought it would be Penelope, maybe it will be but I am not so sure today. I think she was worth the wait.

I hope you all love her as much as I do and yes, a print will be available to purchase at the shop shortly, once I have a chance to scan it in.

Unless I am plagued by another headache today, I should be 'seeing' you all tomorrow with something new...I hope!

p.s. Thanks so much for all the lovely comments you are all leaving, it means so much and is a real boost. After all the amazing 'tea party' comments, I found myself going through comment withdrawal, ha ha.

1 comment:

shiborigirl said...

Hi Mandy. Funny - I'm going through that comment withdrawal also! :)

I haven't been by to visit in a couple of days, but I'm here now. You've been busy! I love Ms Penelope. So sweet. What is she carrying in her saddlebag pocket, I wonder?

I do like your illustrations very much. The "fish frame" in your Atlantean Web is inspired. Fab-u-=lous!