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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A wonderful weekend with bunny happiness

Hi Everyone. We had such a wonderful and crazy busy weekend. Where the summer started off slowly and not feeling overly productive, we've kicked it into high gear now and feel like we are getting tons done and starting to enjoy the last half of the season.

I spent some time in my 'painting studio' tidying up abit. Some time buying new wood for upcoming paintings. I am in an exhibition in September so I must soon begin steady work on my pieces for that. I also made time to set up shop on the floor near Hazel and Jin and made some more stars but I'll show you those in tomorrow's post.

On Monday, we had a delicious lunch out at one of our favourite old jaunts...vegetarian pizza, potato and leek soup and Greek salad seemed to start the afternoon off wonderfully. Well anyhow, we just finished off a lovely porch off our kitchen. Because our Ella-Luna and Roo really don't like Hazel and Jinny, we have the house separated into two areas where each couple gets their own space. Ella and Roo have always had their own large back deck leading into the yard which they can use at their hearts content. And now, through the hard work of my sweetie and some help from my dad, Hazel and Jin now have their very own deck. After lunch this day, for the first time we took the girls out to their newly created space and taught them that going out onto that deck and going down the stairs leads to their very own grassy paradise...Here are some shots from the day...

As you can see Jinny was having an absolute ball. We had never seen her jump and leap and dash and spin and dance with such exuberance or joy behind, it was really a sight to behold and did our hearts great good.

That's our Hazel just being sweet Hazel....

With assurance from us, that yes indeed this parcel of yard is just for them...they proceeded to have an excellent day...

Well, we purposely left part of this area will taller grass...just for the bunnies...but they weren't quite used to it at first, ha ha...

The day was indeed fantastic...I wish that everyone could feel the wide array of wonderful emotions that these wonderful little furry hearts bring to us. One does not need to give birth to feel the pure joy of loving, being fully committed and caring for another precious soul, even if that beautiful soul has fur. I hope you all had an excellent weekend full of smiling, love and happiness. We do truly create our own happiness....go after yours if your less than content. Until tomorrow...when we'll get back down to studio business! Be well.

1 comment:

shiborigirl said...

Hi Mandy,

Looks like your beasties have found their bliss! They look very snuggly.

Good luck getting ready for your exhibition.