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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Busy-ness & Belly Splotches

Hi Everyone, I can't believe I didn't post last Thursday! I don't know what happened to keep me from posting that day...but I must have been busy somehow! sorry about that. I am up to my ears trying to get my piece/s ready for the carousel exhibition and at this point I think I've succumbed to the fact that I will most likely only get one done...but I am hoping it's a magnificent one...let me show you the sketch for it...just as a sneak peek...
I was recently busy creating some new things for my studio...just this and that which is easier to get done outside in the garage when it's not -40 out. This is one of them, which I love. I have loved this old antique ladder for some time, so my honey sanded it down for me and reinforced it, I painted it white and voila, it makes a most perfect spot to hang my stars and greet any studio visitors through the studio door (which is hopefully the next house project, I have my eye on one perfect door and ohhh boy I hope I can manage to get it).

Here is another side project which I'll be playing with once the exhibition pieces are done.

Whiles our friends Judit and Ed were here we stopped by some yard sales in the next court over from ours and I was happy to purchase this mirror for only a buck...well actually Ed was the one who bought it for me, since my pockets were empty and my purse at home...thanks again Ed, I think I know already where it'll live once it's painted up. As much as I love colour in my images, I love white accents around our home, so I think the mirror will be coated in a nice glossy white paint..sometimes simplicity is the key.

So I am quite sick...I think I have a stomach flu or some kind of viral infestation (oh that sounds gross or bad doesn't it, ha ha!!!) I've been feeling awful for 3 days now and I have my usual tummy rash. It's weird, the last 5 or 6 years, this rash has started to show up and only when I am really sick with flu or cold. It's so cute though (and yes I can even find joy in a rash!) when I am laying in bed moaning and groaning (no no...I am pretty tough I think, ha ha) Jonathan will lift up my shirt to look at my rash and depending on it's severity I'll hear 'Oh boy you are really sick aren't you' and even that little bit of validation when your sick makes one feel better, ha ha!!!
So with that being said I am getting back to work to get as much done as I possibly can because the evenings are usually more turbulent than the days. I think I am going to drag all of my supplies and picture outside today, it's a beautiful day and the bunnies are out there and my honey is home from work early and he too is toiling away out there, so I think that's going to be the perfect place to the sun will soothe my slightly achy body. Wish me a speedy recovery and I'll see you again here tomorrow. Be Well.
p.s. Join me tommorow and you'll learn of a speacil giveaway from yours truly.

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