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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Wednesday, A New Bird Feeder & A Brillant Sunset

So my honey disappeared into the garage (yet again!) the other day and when I went into see what he was doing I was greeting with a lovely little surprise that he spur of the moment decided to make for us...this excellent little bird feeder.
Which he wanted me to decorate and make colourful and unique, so I did just that and here's how it looks after I got my hands on it....(the side says "Dreaming Gives You Wings").

And here is where it lives in our yard. I am hoping it delights the birds as much as it does me every time I walk by it.

Also let me introduce you all to my buddy Chapman....a lovely and polite squirrel, who Ella and Roo do not like one bit but whom I just adore. He and I spent the day together yesterday, puttering to and fro in the yard and I sat gazing and enjoying our water fountain, he took a rest on the fence just above the fountain and seemed to be gazing at it too.

Also... I just had to share this photo I took of the evening sky the other night...the view from our kitchen's my favourite new thing, I crawl up on a chair, rest my chin on the railing and just watch the storms coming in from the North or the sun setting brilliantly like this....ahhhh....and even better still, if we walk about 10 minutes in this lovely direction we hit the lakefront. I am just so in love with our cozy little home at the moment, can you tell! ha ha.

That's all for today me back here tomorrow for some more glimpses into my little world...a.k.a "Bijou's Whimsy Land".

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

You did a great job on the bird feeder. Expect more once our big outdoor projects get done...