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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just a Quick Hello, A New Photo and Some Inspiration

Hi Everyone. I am sorry that I wasn't able to make Tuesdays post, I have no excuse other than just have a crazy busy weekend and previous week and Jon and I decided to take that day off together to do absolutely nothing but veg out (except for when I snuck out for an afternoon matinee with my mom to see 'The Mummy').
I just wanted to touch base, say hello and promise new artwork very soon...I've been busy with studio business but boring stuff that well simply no one would want to see or hear about....balancing my books, grant writing etc, necessary but dull none the less. But since this is a visually inspirational blog, I want to share something visual with you every time I post, so today I'll share one of my favourite new photos...just a flower shot taken on the little deck where I eat my breakfast every morning...don't worry, no more squirrel tales at the moment (but I did indeed find the chocolate wrapper from my stolen chocolate neatly tucked underneath the deck stairs!).
So with a very short post I'll be heading out to my busy day...I honestly cringe because this week includes a couple of meetings and well I really just want to hang out in my studio and get back to my colour and make some new pictures. I'll try to post on Friday since I missed this Tuesday. I hope your all well... Oh one more thing, I feel like I should mention my lovely blogging pal Vanessa Valencia over at A Fanciful Twist....her whimsical and other-worldly doll creations are featured in Art Doll Quarterly. Check it out, I am sure they will delight and enchant you. I am going to pick up my copy as soon as I make a trip to a bigger city that has them! I can't wait.

Seeing Vanessa's work always inspires me to dive back into my own unique creative world....and of course to try my hand at some doll's ha ha! But seriously, I love being visually struck and inspired and Vanessa really does share her talent and creative journey openly and I just love that. We are all unique and different, our creative voices and pulses and all our little nuances are different than all the other million of artists out there and that to me is just a mind-boggling thing.

Be well, happy creating...and please don't be scared of showing support towards other artists or indeed opening up and sharing some of your secret world...I am quite sure you'll be embraced and nurtured more than you could have ever imagined.

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