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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A New Photo, Beautiful Wallpaper on a Table and a Sneak Peek Sketch

Hi Everyone...I've been missing my blog and have felt my absence from it more than I expected too but aside from being away Monday's and Fridays still for summer holidays, things have indeed been abit crazy around here.
So today's post will be a short one. I just wanted to share a few things.

This is one of my favourite new photos. I saw a moth flying around our gazebo so I caught it in this little jar and put it outside on a bench, I guess it tuckered itself out because it decided to just sit inside and take a rest...just long enough for me to run inside grab my camera and snap this shot of his cute little face.

With this shot, I am toying with the ideal of introducing some of my photographs as matted prints in my Etsy shop, because I've been getting so many compliments on them. That will come soon if I decide to do it I think.

My best friend Judit and her partner Ed came to visit us this past weekend and we had such a wonderful and excellent visit with them. Judit was happy to see that I used her wallpaper on some recent projects like this little coffee table for my studio...
This koy fish design is one of Judit's most popular designs. For the table I just added hints of my studio's green and blue paint to help tie it in more. I am happy with how it turned out.

Also, as many of my friends who've recently visited my studio can vouch for, I've been sketching up a storm and have alot of new and exciting imagery planned out and ready to emerge into colour. I like to keep most illustrations a secret till they are 100% done but for the sake of showing you something new, I'll let this little sketch show itself, it was inspired by the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics...

Expect the coloured version very the mean time however I am going kind of crazy trying to get pieces done for an upcoming exhibition and that is currently taking most of my concentration and time as I know the calibre of work in this show will be extremely high.

Today included an interview out at Edna Scott's Studio and Home. It was an interview for the Carousel project I am involved in. It was a lovely and relaxed interview followed by coffee and cake made by our gracious and kind host and a group of ducks pecking at the kitchen door screen because it was apparently their snack time too! Moments like that just make my day.

Thanks for dropping in, I know the new schedule is abit silly but hopefully we'll get back to 5 posts a week once things settle down and I am back into the studio 'full-time' in the fall.

See you here tomorrow..Be Well and Enjoy Each Day. XXOO Mandy.


Judit Gueth said...

Thanks for posting the koi fish. I can't believe I didn't take pictures of your kitchen wall and your table!! I guess we were having so much fun, that I completely forgot. :-)
No, I don't mind that you added some colour. I figured, that was to tie it in with the rug, and it looks nice.

Maria said...

I love the picture with the cup and the moth! I went to etsy and checked out your art, and it's gorgeous!!