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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An Old Illustration to Suit the Day

Good Tuesday all. Everything here is lovely in my world and I am hoping it is so with all of you. Of course everything isn't perfect but in the grand scheme of things, I have not one complaint in the world today. Why am I so chipper you may wonder? Well, I had a headache all day today so I allowed myself to take it easy and just mostly putter around the yard, from rocking chair to chair, from gazebo to gazebo, from fountain to other fountain...I just enjoyed the day, the sun, the wind and the multitudes of birds enjoying the new feeders I just put out. With me enjoying the day was our precious Ella and Roo as Jinny and Hazel napped inside, just having them close by, munching on grass and digging in the soil was enough to quickly remind me that it was a blessed day indeed. So to celebrate this lovely day, I picked this older illustration of mine to share. And with a quick hello for today...I am off to enjoy the dusk outside with no mosquitoes (finally!)

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