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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Dreary Day & A Cute Face

Good Morning everyone. Today couldn't be a drearier day...but inside is nice and cozy with the jazz streaming and the bunnies cuddled up together after having a yummy breakfast.
I thought it the perfect time to show you this bronze sculpture that Jon and I picked out together not too long ago, we got it because it reminded us of our Hazel. She's a very round bunny, not because she's fat, it's just her body type, she has velveteen fur and a joyful disposition and she just never fails to make us laugh. Especially in the mornings when she gets her breakfast, she gets so excited over her oatmeal that she snorts and will jam her head into the oatmeal jar before her sister Jin has a chance to get any.
How can it not be warm and snuggly inside the house today with this adorable little munchkin face greeting me into my upstairs studio this morning. The rabbits are wrecking havoc on my allergies however. Tis' shedding season and I swear we have pulled enough hair from the 4 of them for 4 more rabbits!...hmmmm four more bunnies...okay, that sounds good actually, ha ha...But seriously, I am thinking this bad week of headaches is partly due to a very plugged nose so I am giving in and going to the pharmacy today to buy some meds. Anyhow, I have no new work to show you today. I was working on something for the past 3 days and it just was not working out so I abandoned it and will use it in a collage somehow, someday. So I proceeded to clean my studio which was sadly neglected over the last couple of weeks. Now it's looking better. And how can I not enjoy organizing and cleaning when I just got some new office supplies like this beautiful filing folders...Okay, okay, I caved...seeing all the back to school supplies, I just had to get myself some treats for the studio/office and these lovely folders fit the bill perfectly.
Anyhow I am off to paint the carousel horse and I am really looking forward to it today. Have a wonderful day everyone and if it's gloomy where you are...create extra warmth for yourself inside, have an extra tea...spend extra time with your furries...whatever it may be, enjoy the day and Happy Creating, until tomorrow.

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