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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I love September, a New Illustration and Some Honest Musings

I just adore September. I guess perhaps it has something to do with the fact that a) I don't have to go back to school (even though I always loved school) or b) I am not stuck in a boring and typical 9-5 existence (thank goodness!) but September for me just always has this wonderful energy of renewal and excitement about it. It means the wind down of a really busy and productive summer and the entrance into a cozy, relaxed and productive winter. I honestly write this blog today with a real sense of excitement about my artistic future, I have my heart and head newly wrapped around exciting ideals and plans...I have a fantastic honey and 4 sweet bunnies who are all healthy and happy...I am truly blessed and excited and happy on this wonderful September 2nd.
Also let me finally show you my piece for exhibition "Art of the Carousel" at the Alex Dufresne Gallery...(I drop it off today)...
I wasn't going to show you all until it was actually up in the gallery but I am too excited about it to wait. I just consider this piece a success on so many levels and it's part of the reason I am so very very excited and pumped today. The frame that Jonathan made for me is perfect and the successful framing of my image will just lead me to a whole new world of possibilities and successes. I am honestly however very disappointed with one thing and that is the response of comments to enter the draw for my "Sundance" print giveaway. So I'll make it even simpler and say that anyone who leaves a comment on any of the posts up to the draw date will be entered into the draw and have a chance to win the print. I am unsure if the lack of response means the blog readership is way down, which is upsetting.....or if it means people just don't care about one of my most favourite images which is equally as anyhow, I am not going to let it upset my most perfect beginning to September, but I feel that I should gently remind readers that the option to win something is there! Another note which I feel I should touch upon blog...At this point I am unsure if I'll go back to the 5 time weekly posting...I am thinking that I will continue with the 3 times weekly posting for abit longer but change it to Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays perhaps. I love blogging, part of what I love about it is it's fluidity and ability to change. I've tried different things so far, be it regular lino cuts, daily paintings, daily sketches, but the truth is that isn't how I work. I can't put strict time lines on my work and that's just me being completely honest. Sometimes a piece will take me 2 days, sometimes it'll take me 2 weeks and sometimes it'll take me 2 month, it really all depends on what I have going on and usually I keep myself occupied quite well. So I hope you continue to tune in even though the format or number of postings may change. It's an exciting time and I am up to some exciting things so I hope you'll visit me here often and take if but even a single moment to see what I am up to in my own little enchanted world.


Julie said...

Mandy Doodle
you're piece looks great! When is the opening for this show I'll have to do my best to make it out!

And Im sorry if I don't comment enough :(

love yah

Jonathan said...

A beautiful picture...will look great in the show.... :-)