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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday's Monster Migraine & Carousel Gallery Photos

I planned to post yesterday but I was stuck in bed from morning till night with a monster of a was not a good day to say the least. And still today, I have remnants of the pain, so I am moving slowly with no sudden motion and hoping that the pain will be gone totally after I do some yoga (after I am finished with this post).
This past Saturday was the opening of the Carousel Exhibition at the Alex Dufresne Gallery in Calander and it was a big success. It started at 3 and went till 5 and I don't think we could have fit many more people in, it was quite packed. I send a special thanks to my parents and friends who did take out the time to come and show your support, it meant alot to me.
So let me show you a few photos....
This is the horse Arlie and I are working on...
And here are the other 3 horses which Pat Stamp, Edna Scott, Beth Jackson and Pam Adams are working on...though we were suppose to be working on the horses during the opening, as predicted we didn't get much done.
This was one of my favourite pieces in the show, a painting by the talented Beth Jackson. I love this little miniature...the eyes are nicely done. And here is my piece..."The Hidden Gem" done in coloured pencil, the biggest one I've done yet.
It was hung to the right of two of Arlie's pieces and let me just say it's an honour to be on the same wall as this beloved talent. And with that I give you a glimpse into 'The Art of the Carousel" exhibition. Where Arlie and I will be working on the horse over the next month and where I hope too see some of you. The show really is a wonderful cross-section of our city's talents and worth the visit...many of the pieces are very reasonably priced also, for those of you looking for a new treasure for your homes.

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Judit Gueth said...

Your drawing looks beautiful on the wall! Congratulations!:-) I would have loved to be there!