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Monday, September 8, 2008

A New Illustration "Stay Now" and Good News about Roo

Good Monday everyone. Well I write you in a completely exhausted manner but I am excited to show you a new picture and I am excited to share the news that Roo has pulled through a scary bout of g.i. stasis. It was an excruciating weekend full of worry and well over 72 hours maneuvered on less than 8 hours of sleep total. Long story short, we are still watching him closely but it looks as though he is out of the woods, thank goodness. I don't know what Jon or I or Roo's partner Ella-Luna would have done if he didn't make it through this. So with that good news shared. Let me share a new illustration "Stay Now"...
It is coloured pencil, with some ink and white acrylic paint, with some red rhinestones distributed sparsely throughout the image and painted wooden 'nubs' which I secured along all the edges of the piece. It is approx. 20" x 8" and I am not quite sure yet if it will be for sale, I'll let you know shortly, but I don't think it will be. There are very few images that I refuse to sell but some just hit home and are to special to part with, I think this may be one of those. This piece is a personal one...well what pieces do I do that aren't personal on some level, I suppose that is redundant to point out! But this one is about my German grandparents. It is called "Stay Now' and illustrates my child-like feelings of not wanting to let them go. My wonderful and lovely grandma passed on a few years ago and as most of you know, my grandfather just a couple months ago. Despite the fact that I hardly saw my grandparents because of the distance, they and Germany are deeply ingrained in me. And even though they are gone I still feel them strongly in me and this image speaks of that...a special place where we can go and spend time some magical place where our hearts and beautiful memories are the key...just a little baby bird hugging her grandpa or grandma and just saying 'stay now...just abit longer, just abit more time...we still have too...stay now...stay now...". So Karl and Katie Saile, my grandparents...this image is dedicated to you. Today I also want to send out a special thank you to my dear friends, Judit, Julie and my mom who kept calling and asking how our Roo was, that means to the world to us...even though we weren't always answering the phone! I also want to send out special thoughts and extra strength to our beloved friends whom have just lost a father and father-in-law, a seemingly 'quiet' man who lived a remarkable life. To the ones he leaves behind, my heart goes out to. See you tomorrow and Happy Creating...I am off to not create at this moment but to bunny gaze and at the present and after the last few days, that feels like about the only thing I want to do at the moment...just be with my furry little family.

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Judit Gueth said...

Hi Mandy,

The drawing turned out beautiful!
Your heartfelt condolences meant a lot to Ed.