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Monday, September 29, 2008

New Prints and Feeling Abit Emotional

Today I am happy to introduce two new prints which will be added to The Shop this afternoon. "Cosmic Flyer", which is a print from an original coloured pencil, done in 2000. And "Act of Believing" which is a coloured pencil I did specifically for my greeting card line.
As I've been reading many blog posts the past couple of weeks, and I am witnessing a communal and temporary shift in many artists creative drive. It seems that many of our delightful and excited plans which we conjured up at the beginning of September have on some level fizzled out. Why has this happened? I don't know, but I do find it really interesting that it's happening to so many creatives from all walks of life, all over the world. It seems that everyone is pulling inwards to reflect on themselves and their journeys. Some people are feeling tired, some disconnected, some have the need to tune into the themselves more and to tune everyone else out, some admit to entering their own little 'bubble' for an undetermined amount of time. Some of us will bounce back into the flow of things more quickly and other will need more time...the process of figuring out 'what's next' and collecting our confidences is a different process for every single artist. So I am glad to know I am not alone in my up and down moods this past month. I have to admit to feeling very emotional and somewhat drained as I look towards and re-assess future plans and goals. I find myself often in a reflective mood, more so than usual... I am reflecting on past happenings to try to understand 'more' and to grow from both the things I can understand but also those that I can't make sense of. In truth, it's just been a very difficult past year in many ways, some things to personal to mention here and some which have been presented to my readers since the inception of this blog; like the passing of our sweet Noo and her difficult but brave battle with cancer; The sickness and passing of my dear heart and buddy, my skinny pig Thodan; there have been some major family 'rifts'; beloved grandparents leaving this world and their absences altering things more than expected; creative struggles; physical struggles; friends battling for their lives and some of them losing; these are just a few to mention, so yeah it's been a rough past year. Yesterday seemed to hit a peak. As I was working away on my computer, fixing up some more prints to add to the Etsy shop, there was a knock at the door. There sitting and waiting for me was a big box and I didn't know at first who it was from...then my heart raced as I realized it was from my Aunt Sandy in Germany. She had packaged up some of my grandfather's things for me. All things that my grandpa had made with his own two hands...treasures...things that are beyond price...things that fill my eyes with tears because I am just so proud of the artistic talent my grandpa had and I am just so sad that his hands won't make anything anymore. I will in time show you some of the treasures but right now, for some reason I can't explain, I have this need just to hold them all close and a special little conversation or secret just between the two of us. So today, as I admittedly feel emotional just like so many other out there right now, I really would love to show you something very special to me, something equally as wonderful to me as my grandpa's treasures and art which just arrived. And because this blogs main focus is to offer not only my authentic voice and journey but also my visual inspirations, I'd really love to show you this...this beautiful pot holder that was my grandma's.... The photo doesn't show the beautiful and perfect hand stitching, or the shiny little beads sewn in, nor the delicate lace...but it is one of my most favorite and cherished things in our home now...because it hung in my grandma's kitchen, as it now proudly does in ours and it is the only thing I have from my Grandma. My uncle (who's lovely partner, Ute, made it) sent it to my parents and my parents decided to gift it to me knowing how much it would mean to me. Mom and Dad Thank You. Another treasure and new artistic inspirations of mine which I haven't shown anyone yet is an amazing set of prints that my dad brought back from Germany for me. I felt speechless when he gifted me with these...I think the set has a total of 14 beautifully sketched vistas and spots, all around my grandparents village and town. Jonathan & I will make up frames as soon as possible so we can hang them in the upstairs hallway. This particular drawing, which the artist expertly and most beautifully rendered is of my grandparents house...where I visited when I was 14 years old and where my German heritage and family and history all became deeply and forever ingrained in a part of who I am. I know it must seem funny to most of you...that a set of drawings could be all that to one person, but they's my obsessive and passionate personality that allows me to feel this deeply over a set of sketches and I love that. When one says things can't bring happiness...well I have to strongly disagree....these 'things' that have come to me in the last week or so mean so so much...and they do indeed bring me happiness and memories and well everything good...they make our home that much cozier, they are reminders that life is short, that perhaps the key is in leading a simple life, that we need to find our own comforts and joys and hold dear to them, and that our loved ones are precious. To shift gears now...In other news & in short...I am happy to learn that The Little Shop, which carries a selection of my art cards and prints now has a blog. So that's about all for today, thanks for listening to me...I hope you enjoy the new prints and I hope this entry helps to remind you to turn right around after reading this and call someone you love but haven't talked to in awhile...or to just embrace yourself more kindly and for me...I am going to sit down and write some letters (which means I get to have abit of fun buying stickers!)...give the bunnies a few more snuggles and my honey a few more kisses than normal. Have an excellent weekend and Take Care.

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Jonathan said...

I am so very happy that you recieved a nice package from Germany. You have the little gems displayed beautifully throughout the house :-)