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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

An Old Illustration & A Gift In The Mail

Good Tuesday all. Because it's been a crazy few days I haven't had time to do anything creative. I've been puttering around the house, trying to get things organized for fall etc...moving plants inside because it's just getting too damn cold out there at night. And, I've just been spending alot of time with the bunnies. Jonathan and I have both agreed that we've both been too busy and the bunnies need some more face time so right now that is my priority. But in hopes of getting some smaller pieces done this week, for now, let me show you an older illustration of mine. A small 6"x6" coloured pencil on board.
Also, the spoiling continues...any green-eyed monsters stop reading here, ha ha...
Jonathan has taken to sending me a slew of surprises in the mail again and what fun it has been. I think he loves the squeals of delight especially. Everyday for about 5 or 6 days I got a new package in the mail so over the next few days I'll share with you my new treasures from my sweet sweet Jonathan. This was the first to arrive...a tiny, non-descript package with little gems hidden inside (and nicely & sweetly wrapped I must add).
They are from Once Upon An End, she has some lovely little things in her store, She also has a blog here. As a stationary junkie, I just love them...though lately I have curbed my appetite and collection quite abit. I was going to send these little beauties to friends but then I love the fact that Jonathan picked them out just for me, so I think I'll hang them in my studio somewhere...right now they are a delight on the fireplace mantel. Nothing much else is new really, I disbanded my 'Fan's of Bijou's Whimsy' page over on facebook, it was gaining no momentum, I am getting sick of facebook and I just can spend my time better elsewhere, so for all those reason I've canned it. I am looking into my space pages and/or flickr now, so I'll let you know if I do anything with that. Yesterday was wonderful, as exhausted as I felt, I did get a few things around the house done and than at 3:00, the bunnies and I went outside, it was quite windy but a nice warm wind and sunny so I spread out a big blanket on the grass, and wrapped in blankets and a thick sweater and scarf, and with my trusty zen player, I took a snooze. It was so blissful to awaken about 20 minutes later, I slowly opened my eyes, the breeze rustling everything around me, and there not 3 feet away was Ella and Roo all stretched out in the grass too, eating away looking so content. That was just a perfect moment in time. What came next was perfect wonderful honey through the garden gate with Chinese take-out and a smile on his face...what could have been better! Health scares and stressful events are also a quick and easy reminder to us of what is really important in life. I love the fact that Jonathan and I get through these things as a most wonderful team, in support of one another the whole way through. And on this lovely afternoon, with the bunnies near by, take-out and each other, we could honestly feel, atleast for that moment in time, that all was perfect and right in our little world. So with that...I wish you many beautiful moments throughout today. Happy Creating...and Living.

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