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Thursday, September 25, 2008

An Old Picture Newly Revealed, Drama Revisited & More Motley Muttons

Here is a coloured pencil I did a couple years ago but never actually showed anyone...I don't know why, it was just a quick little study from one of my photographs that I did for fun and then I guess I tucked it away without realizing I never showed anyone..except perhaps my friend and fellow artist Judit. I've been preparing more prints to add to the shop this coming week, I came across this one and thought I'd share it with the world, here on my blog.
A print of this image will be available through my Etsy shop. Well, it's been feeling like a drama filled month here at the Saile-Peterson household. And because today is Thursday, I am naturally thinking back on what was going on last Thursday. Here's what happened last Thursday, I woke up, not feeling too great (I think we are both coming down with another flu) but I was looking forward to the day and was setting about getting things done when all the sudden Ella Luna and Roo completely freaked out and went ricocheting all over the house, stomping and screaming (yes rabbits do scream and it's an awful sound)...something on the deck must have spooked them and well after having rabbits for almost 14 years now, I've never seen two more scared bunnies. First I had to excavate them from underneath the bed, which was no easy task. Then I had to ensure that they didn't hurt themselves, and that all teeth were intact ,I was worried about Roo because he's such a big boy. Then I had to try to calm them down because rabbits can indeed have heart attacks if they get too scared. It took over 2 hours to get them to stop stomping and crying. Luckily, Jonathan was able to take a couple hours out of work to come and help me, he did agree that it took the two of us. At one point, for about an hour, the four of us were all snuggled up on the bed together, Ella was pressed against me and Roo was pressed against Jon and we had a nice soft pillow and hot water bottle underneath them and that did the trick, before we knew it they were sleeping. They stayed there in our little protective circle of warmth and loving arms for over an hour. Frightened bunnies aside, that part was just lovely lovely lovely. Having a bunny snuggle up to you and press their precious little bodies up against you because they are scared but feel safe with you is one of the best feelings in the world...having them fall asleep against you because they know they are safe is even better. Ahhhh, My little's not the typical one by any means but for me, it's paramount and all mine and just wonderful.
So with that story of Ella and Roo just told let me share with you two other amazing presents that my sweet Jonathan surprised me with last week (yes again in the mail).
Two more "Motley Muttons", which I just adore so much. The top one Jonathan picked out because it looks alot like our Roo, and the 2nd one he said he had to get because it's a lop like our Ella (though she's black) and he said one goes with the other, ha ha. When I am not wearing them, I have to hanging from our bedroom lights and they just make me smile. I also love these two photos I took of them, they were the perfect little subjects. Luckily this Thursday, today, has been uneventful so far which I am glad for because honestly I am feeling abit tired and just want to call it an early night if possible as I think we're in for another busy weekend. Well actually the next few weekends will be busy as we have alot to get done outside and alot to pack up and clean before the snow flies, which around here could be anytime soon since our nights are already in the single digits! Hope your well, that your enjoying my blog thus far and that you come back to visit me again soon and until next post...Be Well, Take Extra Good Care of Yourself and Your Loved Ones and I am also wishing you Happy Flowing Creativity.

1 comment:

Jonathan Peterson said...

Bijou you are right, a scared rabbit is not fun.....but the circle of cuddling was nice.

The felted rabbits are great, and they definately came as a pair. I'm just glad we got both.. :-)