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Friday, September 19, 2008

A Treasury Spot & The Hand Printed Towel I Love

I am so happy to be included in another Treasury page...just when I was having one of those days where it felt like no one out there was noticing my work, I got a sweet message from Niki letting me know she put my "Bodhi The Elephant" print in her treasury. Thanks so very much Niki, you made my day.
Click here to see the Treasury page, there's some cool stuff in the collection...and of course don't hesitate to buy the print of Bodhi, pretty please! Niki's Etsy shop is here and she also has a blog here. I love being a part of the Etsy community.
So I have another goodie to show you today...a beautiful hand printed towel that Jonathan surprised me with in the mail a couple weeks ago.
But I couldn't stand to get it all messed up in the kitchen ,even though it's 100% cotton and washable. So I put it here, in our dining room. It goes perfectly with the new Poodle Breath bowl.
And it's just high enough so the nibbly little rabbit teeth can't get to it. In a house with bunnies and so for the past, oh I'd say 15 years! This is a primary thought...'Can the monsters reach it' and if it's not metal, then it will most likely be destroyed! ha ha. Rounded wood and metal are key in this cozy home of ours. Anyhow, the towel was made by Lisa L. Price over at Art Goodies. Lisa, I love it thanks. And Jonathan, I adore it, thanks was a delicious surprise to arrive by mail. I must have forgotten to mention that my honey broke his nose! If it comes between a handsome little nose and a big old heavy 2 x 4 falling 2 feet from up above, sadly the nose is going to lose. We thought it was just badly bruised but shortly after we realized it was indeed poor guy. That was some drama just before Roo got really's been kind of a tough month. I really wanted to pass along this post to you all...from Swirly Girl and the lovely musings of Christian Mason Miller, I was espeacially touched and inspired by her post called "Alive" here to read it, for those 'searchers' out there, I think it'll really hit home. It's been a crazy few days, with rabbit drama and alot of headaches and a flu catching on, so I haven't actually been in my studio much this week so far. The horse did get about 4 hours of painting but that's about it, I've really just been busy taking care of myself, trying to feel better, being with the bunnies, dealing with Jon's very sore ear ache and well just being...being tired, being happy, being worried, being sick, being strong and being excited to perhaps spend a good productful day in the studio tomorrow and over the weekend! Be well and until next time...Happy Creating. XXOO Mandy p.s. For all of the local readers, don't forget about the always enjoyable Fall Studio"Country Roads Tour" happening this coming weekend, the 20th and 21st. It's always so nice to drive around the country roads, popping in on one artist's studio then the next, usually accumulating treats along the way. This time I am on the outlook for some local honey and edible luxuries , Jonathan and I plan to tour as many of the studios as we can.

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