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Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Change of Plans & A Mushroom

Well I popped out of my rabbit hole long enough to spend close to 10 hours on Tuesday and Wednesday painting the horse. In doing so I realized how inspired I was in being around the other carousel painters, it's such an inspiring, upbeat and supportive group and I walked away both days just feeling a part of something great and lovely. This week the people I was surrounded by gave me the energy, willingness and the wanting to dive into my work and to spend some time clarifying my dreams and future with 'lists' and 'plans' to ensure things happen, even though they may be long in coming or fruition. I am going to hang on tightly to these positive feelings.
First order of things, a change of plans, instead of sequestering myself off in my own little world for awhile till I 'feel like I am back on-track' (whatever that means), I am going to do the opposite of what I would normally do and I am going to continue to open myself up. I am going to try inviting people and friends in to witness and share in my topsy turvy little creative world instead of trying to hide it from everyone. Hopefully I'll be brave enough to do so tommorow and the day after and so on...we'll see!
So bring on the week day studio breaks, lunch dates, coffee breaks at the cafe, the creative breaks to just chat and 'be', etc...because they will inspire and only make me rush back to my easel & drawing table with even more gusto and charge.
Thank Yous are in order...yous may not realize it but your being so loving, and warm, your openess and honest insights and life experiences shared are beautiful to me...and for all of the unexpected, appreciated and uplifting hugs and willing ears....thank you, thank you, thank you.
So yes, I still plan to just work work work, yogify, run, cook, be with Jon and the furry babes, have more tea dates with my mom, and work some more...but now I am adding in abit of socializing too. Trust me, usually when things aren't going my way, when I am unsure of myself etc, I close off from's time to try the opposite and instead open up to people even more.

(this mushroom is growing on the fence post out at the Callander Gallery, I enjoy it every time I pass by and it just says to me loud and clear "Look at me, I shouldn't perhaps be here, but I am because I am different and therefore I am suppose to be here. And the mushroom also visually says to me 'Stick- in- there' . Ha ha, see even mushrooms can be inspirational)

I apologize for missing my post yesterday when I said I'd be there, but this has been a bad week for insomnia and headaches and after painting the horse in an awkward position and being near the turp fumes for so many hours I came home with a screaming head and could do nothing but lay down on the couch cuddled in blankets with the sun embracing me deliciously and hot water bottles surrounding my whole head, I dozed off in a matter of minutes. And I am not a gal who sleeps easily so that told me that I needed a midday nap. I awoke to my sweetheart, putting a glass of ginger ale on the table near me because he knew I'd be nausea, then I fell asleep again and next time I awoke about an hour later, I felt so much better and rested and my sweetheart was putting a plate of delicious food in front of me...homemade spaghetti sauce & perfectly cooked pasta, yum yum and breaded and lightly fried zucchini slices drizzled with mozzarella...mmmmm mmm m.

The past couple weeks have just been such a reminder that though there are constant stresses and worries and though things may not be going exactly as you'd hope or planned, there's always still so much to celebrate. For me, it's just our simple and cozy life, I've just loved meeting up with Jon after work and doing our own cozy little evening routine, cooking together, watching tv in bed, playing some games, it's been so delicious and relaxing and well just what I had expected and hoped the fall had in store for us.

Today is just a fairly quick update and hello because though I do have another headache and my sinuses are making my head feel twice as large! I am anxious to get onto the treadmill and then dive into the studio. Be well and until tomorrow, when I'll have a new little painting to show you I hope!....Happy Creating.

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Jonathan said...

When in doubt with yourself or the world....hug a bunny...might I suggest a nice black pud for starters?