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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Christmas Image & A Day With My Dad

Good Tuesday Everyone. I am having a 'weird' and somewhat slow week this week which I won't get into at the moment, as I do still intend to keep this blog primarily focused on my art, my artistic journey and my creative inspirations. So I'll just say I am feeling 'off' and I'll keep plugging away.
There will definitely be a new little painting tomorrow but for today, because it's been feeling abit 'xmasy', let me show you one of my favourite illustrations. I did this xmas image a couple years ago and made it into a greeting card, it's one of my most popular ones but only people who have bought the cards or seen me at craft/art sales have seen this image as I never did get around to posting it on my website and only now just on this blog. So enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

A print of this image will be available over at the shop very soon.

We had a very quiet but good weekend. Saturday we did not step foot out of the house which was nice for a change because it seems like the last couple of weeks one of us has had to go out on some errand every single day. My battle with sinus congestion and daily headaches throughout the whole weekend unfortunately. On Sunday I ended up spending some time over at my parents in the wood shop with my dad. My dad was helping me cut some wood and gave me a lesson on the scroll saw where I successfully cut out my little intricate bird pattern, so I was really happy about that. I have ideals for a whole new series, very unlike anything I've done before involving wood and knowing that I'd be comfortable enough to cut my own pieces makes the whole ideal seem that much more do-able and approachable. I can't remember the last time I spent some time in the shop with my dad like that so it was really nice, nostalgic and cozy for me. As a kid I always hung out in my dad's shop, it's a very comfortable place for me. I remember him giving me lessons on the band saw or drill press, I'd throw wood in the stove to keep the shop warm, I'd help him with simple things. Even when I got older, I always would pop in to see what he was working on. I guess that's why I am just as comfortable hanging out and shopping in a home depot as I am in a Pier One Imports, ha ha...Thanks for your help dad.

So until tomorrow....Be Well Everyone...and yes indeed...Happy Creating! XXOO Mandy.


Jonathan said...

I've always loved that xmas image. So colourful, and it stars a rabbit. Perfect!

So...since the xmasy mode is hitting you, for anyone reading this, let me tell you that there are good chances we will be putting up the xmas tree soon in casa-del-Mandy... :-)

Judit Gueth said...

I love this drawing too and I have one of those cards! :-)