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Friday, October 24, 2008

Just Popping In

I am just popping in on this cozy Friday to say that I won't be posting a new illustration today. The headache & sinus congestion has continued since I last wrote, it's been present and annoying all week long and well today I just don't think I can force myself to get the picture done in time for today's post.
So here is a photo I took recently which I love...just a snippet of our living room and a little ceramic butterfly I painted up this past summer...and yep, that's one of my teeny weeny lino cut prints as well.

Also today, I just wanted to quickly thank the people who have written me to tell me that my recent post on buying cruelty-free products has inspired them to follow suit and change their habits and think about the animals more. That means so much...even just to have one person think about it makes me feel so good, so thank you for your thank yous, ha ha. I was also so happy to receive a nice little email from someone over at Peta Prime, thanking me for putting them on my blog list...well Peta Prime, it's my pleasure and your very welcome, thanks for writing me. It's exciting to me to think that someone over at Peta is visiting the blog.

So I am off to attend to my poor throbbing head then later this afternoon I must drive out to South River to gladly pick up "At First Light" which didn't sell unfortunately, that's okay, I wasn't expecting it to at that venue...but I am more than happy to have it framed up so beautifully and back home for awhile again. I just wanted to send a quick Thank You out to my friend Julie, who was willing to drive all the way out there just to see my piece in the show, that was really sweet Jules. And of course to my talented Jonathan who made me the lovely frame.

I have some friends travelling to exciting places this weekend...Costa Rica, Isreal, Italy, etc...I'll just be here, home with the bunnies and my honey but I wish you all Safe journeys and much inspiration.

Until next week, thanks for popping in and Happy Creating, Happy Relaxing, and well see you all next week. Mandy XXOO.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

"At First Light" is a wonderful piece. I'd say I was unhappy it didn't sell, but you know me...I am forever and always an art collector, and I live with the best collection around.

Period! (inside joke)