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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A New Illustration Made on a Wonderful Day

So whiles I am in the process of working slowly and finding my footing whiles on a new path, the day called for nothing serious and just a simple and colourful image. I was thinking of my brother after I finished up this one because I think it would make an excellent tattoo.
This illustration is called "Joyful Fish" and is only 6" x 6", done with collage, watercolour pencil and ink. A Print will be available in my Etsy Shop over the next few days. I am excited about a new product I'll be introducing to the shop soon...custom orders will be available for any print of your choosing, and the prints will be mounted on birch...they are looking great and I can't wait to show you all the first batch. This Joyful fish image will be in the first group I introduce into the shop.
So I took a few shots from my day and it was a beautiful day. One where I had one of my favourite stations wasn't too cold or too hot so all the doors in the house were open and the rabbits spent the whole entire day outside. Jinny has discovered a favourite new game which is 'Let's see who's faster' and the winner gets to hide and dig under the boardwalk for hours on end!!! So whiles I waited for the little bugger to come when I got "Joyful Fish" done.
Here is Hazel just about to join her sister under the boardwalk! Hazel seems most comfortable outside when she knows I am close by, so having me sitting there close working away suited her just fine.
Here's my favourite shot of the day...Jinny sitting by the tree and ferns, in the sun...she looks so peaceful and therefore so was I. It was a good day. And to top it all off, we got the most beautiful pumpkin for carving and soup at the grocery store later in the same day and a full tank of gas for free:D Happy day. Be Well All and Happy Creating. XXOO Mandy.


Judit Gueth said...

I love the colours on the new fish!

Jonathan said...

I am very glad we finished that side of the yard off this year. It was ALOT of work, and quiet abit of $$, but Hazel & Jinny are so happy out can't ask for more (except for them to stop excavating my boardwalk) ;-)